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The Wanderers Club began in Johannesburg and its fortunes rose and fell with those of the Golden City. The story of the sportsmen who created and preserved it through many misfortunes is a story of wars and revolutions, strikes and fires, bullets and explosions. The men who found their recreation on its fields and broke sporting records were often played in a wider drama, much of which actually took place on the famous grounds. The history of the Wanderers Club is bound up with the history of the Transvaal and has for decades been a beacon in the international sporting world. Its story is a human drama of great personalities who were as much pioneers of South Africa as enthusiastic sportsmen.
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Athletics Club Mission

To develop a platform for all members of the athletics club to engage in running or walking activities both socially and competitively.

Club Secretary - Hilde Harvey
Treasurer – Gardner van Niekerk
HTM Captain – Daniel Nendouvhada
Chairman – Charles Hodgson
Vice Chairman – Glynn Allen
Marketing - Angela Anderson
Track Tuesdays/Coaching - Rory Scheffer
Ambassadors – Sam Bieske
Social Media – Kyle Schoeman
Community and Development Manager – Caroline James




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